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KUSUDA WINES was established in Martinborough in October 2001 without its own facilities or vineyard. Luckily, I was soon able to secure a lease contract for a small but well established vineyard in Martinborough. With the huge support of my friend Mr. Kai Schubert of Schubert Wines, I was able to start realizing my dream of making my very own wine from the vintage 2002.

Wine has been my greatest passion since I was a teenager. I toured through Europe visiting famous chateauxs and wineries when I was a law student in Japan. After getting a law degree I decided not to enter into the wine business, but kept wine as a hobby.

That changed when I was working in Sydney's CBD. It was becoming harder and harder to resist the idea of becoming a winemaker and making my own wine one dayc During my stay in Australia, I went to New Zealand a few times where I visited wineries and had a chance to taste a Pinot Noir from Martinborough, which just stunned mec I had never met with a wine which had real Pinot Noir flavour outside of Burgundy before. Ever since, New Zealand has occupied a place on my map of the best wine growing regions on the planet.

In 1996 I went to Germany to learn the language and then started studying Oenology and Viticulture at Geisenheim University in 1997. An experiment for my thesis was carried out in New Zealand, for which the host winery was Schubert Wines. After graduating from Geisenheim we came straight to New Zealand and prepared to apply for residency. Residency was granted very quickly and the lease for the vineyard started without giving me time to ponder...

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